All about nothing

Everything you never wanted to know about Bubba, and just a touch more that you really didn’t want to know… and some things I’ll tell you just to make you wonder how far up my elevator goes or if it’s totally out of order

First Floor – Clearance Items
Second Floor – Children’s Toys and Nursery
Third Floor – Library – Full of useless trivial facts about me
Fourth Floor – Recreation
Fifth Floor – Sleepwear – The stuff dreams are made of 
Basement – Things that go bump in the night

First Floor - Clearance Items

By trade I'm a computer geek.. on the weekend I would rather be out somewhere taking pictures, fishing, target shooting. I live in sunny Arizona now which is great most of the year but way too hot in the summer. Ever baked something at 475 and had to open the oven door in a hurry, that hot air that feels like it’s gonna burn yer damn nose hairs off…. Yeahhhh baby that’s the kinda heat I’m talking about. The kinda heat where ya cant wear shorts and sit on a plastic chair, ya know where it burns the back of your legs or knees. Hehehe nah it’s not all that bad, sometimes it can be though.

I’m finally living the dream of having my own home, I have a beaufiul precious little girl, yea I'm married.... I'd say more about that but I think that would be asking for trouble. Nothing like living life dangerously. Hmmmm that looks like wet paint, should I touch it? Yep it was wet. Damn

I love exploring the outdoors and looking for creative ways to get into trouble. Sometimes I know I’m asking for trouble but nothing like living life dangerously. Hmmmm that looks like wet paint, should I touch it? Yep it was wet. Damn

Second Floor – Children’s Toys and Nursery

I got off the elevator on near Christmas in ’72. Brrrrrrr right in New London, Ct. Damn Yankees up there… we stayed there for just a few years while my pops was auditioning for the Village People… ooops I mean while he was in the Navy… I don’t know why anyone would want to get out of the Corps and be a swabbie….. Anchors away!

After that we ended up in a small hicktown in Ohio, when I say small hick town I mean small…. This was a place you could leave your front door open, with just the screen door closed and run to the store. Damn, sometimes I miss the small town life… then I think how boring it would be to get stuck there now and I cry for joy that I’m not there…

After that I had to get outta there and joined the service to do it.

Third Floor – Library – Full of useless trivial facts about me>

Did ya know……

I spent 10 years in the Air Force spent 10 years in as a Command & Control Specialist/Emergency actions controller and got to travel the world

My mom is a volunteer clown… yeah so I do get it naturally. Ever had your parents dress you up as a clown and walk around advertising face painting and other silly stuff? It’s a lot of fun just don’t let your friends see you… they’ll clown you about it forever.

I joined the AF right after high school, spent 10 years in as a Command & Control Specialist/Emergency actions controller and got to travel the world. While in the AF, I traveled all over: Texas, Mississippi, Arizona, Oklahoma, Korea, Saudi Arabia & California.

I'm totally engrossed in different types of music, I love everything from Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B, Rock, Pop, Swing, Techno, Country & Classical (yes that was not a typo)

My first car was a ’74 Pontiac Catalina what a boat, faded banana yellow with rust colored primer spots. She was a beast that had a 400 in it and would she ever scoot.

Other vehicles I’ve owned in order of ownership:

’78 Kawasaki 250, (look out for the cacti),

’86 Nissan Pulsar that was a faded red to the point it looked like tightie whities that had been washed with a brand new red sweater,

‘91 Toyota Tercel - I put one bumping stereo in that car that I blew out my rear window seal with. Ended up blowing the engine, that’s what happens when ya drive something like ya stole it.

’95 Dodge Stratus oh what fun it is to take the drivers tire off to change your battery, that took some thinking by their engineers

‘89 Ford Probe – Peppy lil car, made it from north of Sacramento to the East side of Phoenix in 9.5 hours. Didn’t even have a radar detector heheh vrooooooooooooom

’90 Honda CRX – I liked this car, tiny & sporty, but some fool in a full-size Chevy Silverado decided I didn’t need it anymore. I was sitting at a red light when he slammed into me, spun it around like a top. He told the cop he thought I was gonna go so he didn’t slow down and was doing at least 20 (which means more likely +30 at the least)

’94 Chevy Blazer – Forest Green, 4WD, V6 Vortec, all leather interior, 2” lift and 30” Tires that gave another 2” lift, limo tint, tow package & Tahoe package. Found out it needed some motor work that I couldn’t afford to do.

’00 Toyota Rav4 – Silver (her’s) pretty well built little ride, low maintenance, great gas mileage… but expensive

’01 Pontiac Grand AM (Sandstone) – tint that I’m not certain is legal, spoiler & that’s about it…. In Janurary I was on on the highway driving to work, when I was involved in a four car pileup. Traffic stopped in front of me and I slowed down with plenty of stopping room, when some old fart not paying attention hit me hard enough to push my car a good ways under the car in front of me. Needless to say that was all she wrote for that! Wanna see the carnage? Look for "ouch" in my photo gallery. Notice the airbags didn't deploy... oh joy

’01 Chevy Blazer - Grey / Brownish color, 4WD (Yes I said I'd get another woohoo) 4.3L V6 Vortec, cloth interior (no more butt burns when sitting down with shorts), tow package etc. Blew a head gasket.. notice the trend? 

'06 Nissan Altima LS - 3.5L Gold/Sandstone color, Bose sound system, 6disc indash changer, leather, power everything, sunroof and in pristine condition. I love this car! It's got some wicked power but if driven normally gets awesome gas mileage. I was filing up the Blazer twice a week and a tank in this will last almost two weeks.

Fourth Floor – Recreation

Hobbies - running around with my friends, (yes I do have a few…), I don’t do much in the way of drinking or partying. I would rather spend my time at a party playing music and mixing them digitally with my computer. I like playing pool, messing with computers, designing web pages, I love working on car stereos, sketching, graphics, poetry, writing songs on my computer, and being a general nuisance. I love the outdoors, fishing hiking, target practicing, anything of that nature.

Herping seems to be my major hobby now though. Herping is hunting for reptiles, (lizards, snakes) but I don’t hunt to kill or capture, I hunt them to take photos of them. I am very careful when I go out to do this as it can be dangerous if you do not respect the snakes. There are tons of different types of rattlesnakes, other venomous snakes and scorpions in the Arizonadesert

Fifth Floor – Sleepwear – The stuff dreams are made of

Hmmmmm dreams……. A few dreams... purchase a motorcycle, maybe even buy a small john boat to do some fishing in.

Basement – Things that go bump in the night

Nothing that I'm willing to post publicly... yet. Muahahaha